On-Line Credit Card Services

eCommerce Solutions for your business...

Experience a new level of processing capabilities, speed and convenience — without breaking the bank. Perfect for businesses with Mail Orders, Phone Orders or a Website.

On-Line Credit Card Services, Inc. offers a web-based credit card and ACH terminal that has all the functionality of an electronic countertop terminal. And no expensive terminal equipment is required. No more waiting for telephone line dial-outs.

OLCCS eCommerce solutions may be the best option for a business like yours—with the best service and price point. Please ask us at (800) 538-1556.

Virtual Terminal

Enjoy real-time, online and secure credit card transactions with address verification. Easy entry. Fast response.

Obtain secure checking and/or savings account processing, complete with routing number validation. Process credits, returns and voids simply.

Payment Gateways

Connect to your shopping cart or Internet interface to obtain secure authorizations and settle transactions automatically.

Clear and concise reports track every transaction.

Simple administrative features enable fast edits and returns processing.