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On-Line Credit Card Services, Inc. is well-known and respected for Merchant Services, Payment Gateways, Retail POS and many other services that make running a business more efficient and profitable. Please ask us if what you need is not listed on our website. Toll-free: (800) 538-1556. Small business helping small business. That’s what we’re all about!

Remote Deposit of Checks

Stop driving to the bank. With a simple installation to your PC, you can scan checks as they come in and deposit them directly to the checking or savings accounts of your choice.

Connect to multiple banks and multiple bank accounts.
No business is too small or large to utilize our systems.
If you accept checks and you go to the bank, let us show you a better way. It costs just pennies per check (instead of the dollars per gallon you’ll spend if you drive to the bank).

Check Guarantee

Ever experienced the sinking feeling of taking a bad check? “Check Guarantee” protects you against check fraud at the point of sale.

Small and large retailers find OLCCS’s “Check Guarantee” to be a vital service in enhancing their bottom lines. Get in touch for more information.

Check Conversion

Now, convert checks at the point of sale using your PC or a terminal and an imager. Scanned checks are uploaded and go straight to your bank. Quick and simple.

It’s easy to get started. Learn more about it.

Call us at (800) 538-1556.

Cash Advance Services

We are authorized distributors of Merchant Cash Advance Services via the Capital Access Network.

Credit card funds owed to you are considered an account receivable for the purpose of providing funding against future credit card receivables.

Do you have a cash need or emergency and your banker can’t help you? You might be surprised how On-Line Credit Card Services, Inc. can in many cases.

Call us for a FREE consultation at (800) 538-1556.