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A wide variety of convenient, economical ways for any size business to accept payments. Anywhere - anytime...

Get one seamless online payment solution from On-Line Credit Card Services. We help small businesses quickly and securely accept payments anywhere, anytime.

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On-Line Credit Card Services, Inc. offers a wide and flexible spectrum of Mobile Payment Solutions for any size business.

Tablet, iPad and Android
Wireless Terminal

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Want to use your smartphone or tablet to process payments?

Merchants that routinely do business ‘on the road’ may now use a card swipe that will work with their smartphone, tablet or iPad. This option is perfect for Plumbers, Electricians, Exterminators, Crafters, Roofers, Carpenters, Landscapers, Towing or any other service or retail business that needs to take payments away from their office.

To apply for a NEW merchant account to process payments on your smartphone, tablet or iPad , click here.*

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* By completing and submitting the application you agree to be billed a one-time set-up fee of $59 which includes a Card Swipe to work with your smartphone, tablet or iPad. Your application is not complete and you will not be charged until the last page is reviewed, an e-signature is provided and you have submitted your application.

If you are not looking for a mobile option, or wish to discuss this further, please give us a call Toll-Free at (800) 538-1556.